Near Landing Site Bir Himachal Pradesh India 

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Northern Cafe offers authentic Himachali style dining with stunning views of the mighty snow covered Dhauladhars, the most mesmerising panorama of sunsets and the colourful paragliders hovering in the sky all day long.

The cafe offers delicious food, good music & great service. We specialize in fresh, clean and sustainable ingredients & organic whenever possible. Our style here is comfort food, done well. Even if you are busy & on the go, you can come here & feel like you are eating a homemade meal created professionally with care specially for you.

We care about your health. We wash and cook our vegetables and all ingredients in RO + UV water. Since we don’t serve pre-cooked, frozen food, preparing your meal takes time. Serving time can take between 15 – 25 minutes.

Please be patient.

Relax … Enjoy … Nature & Peace … in this authentic Himachali space and build your appetite.

We have taken great care to provide a comfortable, fun, relaxed and creative environment for everyone. Come enjoy our selection of variety of food from our specially drafted menu.

Come feel North with us.
The Northern Cafe Timings :
Make your special moments memorable for all time as we are here to arrange it all for you (Birthday party, Anniversary party, Bachelor party, Surprise party).
We offer best deal for every service, every celebration as per the requirements.
The Northern Cafe Review by our guest turned friend Farah Rahman, former columnist for Mint.
Dining at the Northern Cafe
Bir has seen an explosion of dining options over the last year. Shiny new bright cafes, some that could be mistaken for light showrooms also, are giving the traveller and the tourist a taste of local, continental and standard Indian fare.

In this ever expanding gastronomical arena, lies a hidden gem far from the madding crowd.

You must have had to have done something right in this or some other life time to find your way to Bir’s best dining option.

The Northern Cafe sits amidst gently terraced green wheatfileds under the watchful gaze of the majestic Dhauladhars and a sweeping vista of hills and mountains extending all the way to Palampur and beyond. In the foreground is the landing field where paragliders descend gracefully in bursts of color and occasional exuberant hoots. Wild flowers sway in the breeze, butterflies flit by vying for attention and the soft chirping of birds accompanies you the whole while.

Fellow diners are heard counting how many layers they can see in the captivating expanse as they settle comfortably into the warm and intensely pleasing Himachali ambience created by local entrepreneurs, Maya and Moh.

The menu has something for everyone and always something just right for the ever-changing weather in Bir.

Hot drinks include a variety of teas and coffees and some surprises like the Flower Tea – a must try that will delight you.

A wide range of cold drinks will refresh and revive you. The shakes on offer will satisfy the sweet tooth and decadent you.

Breakfast options include a full range of eggs, muesli, porridge, parathas, breakfast combos, healthy combos and an authentic himachali breakfast of chilru, siddu and chai.

For the pancake crowd, the menu reminds us that there is NO specific time to eat a PANCAKE. French toast made to please the most exacting standards is available all day too.

Sandwiches and salads hit the spot when thats all you are in the mood for.

Hearty soups with generous portions of veggies and meats in flavorful broths will have you coming back for more.

Chinese favorites like dimsum, noodles and fried rice offer the perfect comfort food that goes with a certain ambience and state of mind. And like everything else it doesn’t disappoint.

If you are like me, then you have some favorite foods that you will always order just to see if this is the best one yet or to provide as a marker for where the restaurant stands in comparison to others.

Veg Hakka noodles are a favorite food and the ones at Northern Cafe are the best I’ve had. Unlike other places where vegetables are a garnish, the veg noodles here are a heavenly bowl teeming with natures bounty and noodles in perfect proportions. These accompanied by the Veg Manchurian will completely satisfy your Chinese food craving and send you blasting off into relaxation nirvana.

Veg and non-veg starters for every munchie mood will have you licking your fingers.

Main course offers a full range of Indian veg and non veg dishes along with biryanis, pulaos and variety of rotis and parathas. Continental options include Pizzas, pastas, hummus and nachos. Himachal specials give you the authentic flavor of Siddu, Madra, Sepu Badi and the like.

And if you just feel like having Maggi and nothing else, well, that is available too. Pahadon ki Maggi will surely nourish your soul.

The best way to enjoy the Northern Cafe is to spend the whole day sampling food and drink as you soak in the beautiful aesthetics, ambience and awesomeness of this little paradise.

Every bite nourishes you and delights you with an explosion of flavors that is only possible when food is made fresh with love and passion.

As you eat your way through the day, you will find that you are in the perfect spot to catch the marvelous Bir sunset and you will realize that few places strike the perfect balance in blending aesthetic harmony and finger licking gastronomy.

As natures lights dim, the soft lights of the cafe cast a magical spell about the place and you know and feel that happiness is to be found in this place. The kind that makes you smile from the inside out.